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AdvertiseForFREE webmaster banner exchange is a great way to receive free advertising for your web site.

Become a member and you can get your banner advertisement displayed on other member sites - for free.

The more banners you display for other members, the more other members will display your banner - it is that easy.

How the advertising works

Join our free webmaster banner exchange
today and receive free advertising for your website!

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How it works

Advertise For Free is a a free 3 : 2 banner exchange, earning you 2 credits for every 3 banners displayed on your site through our easy to add HTML code.

Advertise on the Internet for free

AWStats (Statistics over 2 months)

Get an unfair advantage with click rewards! Receive additional credits for the clicks your site generates.

You earn credits by displaying the network's banners on your site - and other members in the network will display your banner in return by using the credits you have accumulated.

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The benefits of joining our banner exchange

  • Immediate reward : Receive 900 click rewards when you sign up!
  • High traffic: A generous 67% banner/traffic exchange ratio.
  • Multiple banners: Have up to 5 banners and destination URLs under each account.
  • Quality: All sites are screened before being accepted - any site breaking our terms of use are removed.
  • Make money: Make money by adding your affiliate banners to your account.
  • Select what you want to display: Select the categories you want to display on your site - and exclude those you don't want.
  • Banner exchange click reward program - with click rewards, you receive additional credits for the clicks your site generates .
  • Earn bonus credits for each referral.
  • Really easy copy/paste HTML code.
  • Real Time Statistics.
  • Real time performance analysis and optimisation recommendations.
  • No limits to how many hits or clicks you can receive each day!
  • More benefits here

What is it worth ?

* Info is supplied by clients after reviewing their statistics, however, all websites will perform differently depending on their age and popularity. These stats are from sites that may also be paying for advertising.

How much is my advert on this exchange really worth?

This is an actual screen shot of a well known search engine advertising program, the amount is Rands per click (!) on certain keywords.

PPC on some keywords are unrealistic for our market.

What could advertising on comparison sites cost me ?

PPC on comparison shopping site! Really expensive!

Now here is a screen shot of the statistics you may expect before and after joining the network (AWStats taken from a real member site)

AWStats (Statistics over 2 months)


How Do I Start?

  1. Fill out our sign up form and hit submit.
  2. Your account will be evaluated and an email will be sent to you telling you your account is activated.
  3. You put our HTML code into your web site pages where you would like the banners to appear.
  4. Now watch your visitors grow with no effort - at no cost to you!

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Based on a modified version of Banner exchange - coded by ComX Computers.
Actively supported by the ezSearch business directory

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